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Every fingerprint is unique. The same is true for every barrel of bourbon. Old Forester Single Barrel is bottled from one individual barrel, so there is no other bourbon exactly like it.

Old Forester Single Barrel is crafted using the time-honored methods established by George Garvin Brown more than 150 years ago. Old Forester Single Barrel customers will have the opportunity to sample three 100 proof barrels or three barrel strength barrels of rich, robust Old Forester at the distillery or through an in-market selection. Barrels that produce 100 proof bourbon will yield approximately 200 bottles and, depending on proof, barrel strength selections will produce approximately 160 bottles.

The Old Forester Single Barrel Program only produces a limited number of barrels each year and will remain allocated based on production constraints. Individual buyers interested in purchasing a single barrel may reach out to a local off-premise or on-premise account where they have a relationship to see if they will facilitate a barrel purchase.

Old Forester Single Barrel Whisky pouring from barrel
  • VIP Experience Included

    Old Forester Distillery: A V.I.P. tour of the distillery and your single barrel tasting experience.

  • White Oak Barrel and Personalized Barrel Head

    On request, an Old Forester white oak barrel will be sent to you for display along with an Old Forester barrelhead, into which your name will be etched.

  • Personalized Bottles

    Each 750ml bottle yielded from the barrel will feature your own personalized label, allowing for 25 characters including spaces.

Can’t Visit the Distillery in Louisville?

In-market sampling is an alternative premium option, including an exclusive tasting of three single barrel samples with a local representative. Alternatively, our Master Taster can select a single barrel based on your specified flavor profile. For more information and pricing, contact us for details.

Old Forester barrels during tour

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