Birthday Bourbon

2005 Birthday Bourbon

For this bourbon, we used a different malted barley supplier. The new barley
produced a slightly lighter bodied spirit than usual. Barrels were stored on the 7 th floor of
Warehouse H, where they were exposed to extremely warm temperatures and dry conditions.
The lighter bodied spirit and warehouse condition resulted in a higher than average Angel’s
Share loss that concentrated the rich toasted and charred oak notes.

Tasting Notes


Brilliant orange-red.


Rich with incredibly sweet vanilla, caramel and maple syrup notes that evolve into a layer of creamy butterscotch. Deep and full of light mint and dried fruit notes.


Smooth with hints of cedar and oak laced with spice covered over with a delicate candy store selection.


Very clean and apply crisp with little oak effect – very light for a 12 year old bourbon. Gently warming.