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The 2021 KentuckyTurtle Derby

2021 will mark the second-ever Old Forester Kentucky Turtle Derby. Is it as flashy as the real Kentucky Derby? Yes. While this race is open to turtles of any age, nationality, or music taste, only the best of the best make it this far. As is always the case, the track is a 12’x12’ circle, with the quickest route to victory being 6 feet. Eight (8) of the world’s most elite reptiles will race to finish for glory, a glory that can never be taken away. Training is temporary. The Kentucky Turtle Derby is forever.

When: Saturday, May 1 @ 4:00 PM EST
Where: YouTube Premieres

A Kentucky TurtleDerby Classic

The 2021 Kentucky Turtle Derby will be held on May 1st, 2021 at 4 pm EST! Scroll down for a deep dive into the lives of our athletes.

Click the link below to watch last year's race and subscribe to be notified at race time.

The Slow-Jito

The Official Drink of the 2021 Old Forester Kentucky Turtle Derby

1.5 oz Old Forester 86 Proof
0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice - or - ½ lime
0.5 oz Simple Syrup
6 Mint Leaves
Club soda, to top (about 2 oz)

Muddle the first 4 ingredients together in a shaker and shake with ice. Add club soda to shaker, pour into glass. Garnish with mint sprig.

Official KentuckyTurtle Derby Swag

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The Turtles

  • Pardon My Mulch (8:1)

    Coming from the small town of Swampton, Pardon My Mulch is a 38-year-old veteran of racing. In his twenty years of professional turtle racing, this turtle usually dominates on organic tracks, so we’ll see how he fares on synthetic.

  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (20:1)

    This athlete is just as quick as he is cool. That is to say, he’s not very quick. Growing up in the Keep Louisville Weird part of town, this turtle had two passions: turtle racing and close-up magic. You may momentarily lose him on the track, but that’s all part of the plan.

  • Reginald Boxworth (99:1)

    Reginald Boxworth III hails from the other side of the pond and has been racing for just under two years. He is racing at historically low odds, likely due to a combination of his inexperience and much discussed antics off the track. And to stir the pot even more, there are rumblings that Reginald’s paid his way into this year’s Kentucky Turtle Derby. We’ll see how his team is able to handle the distractions, caused both by the Derby and the turtle himself.

  • Lady Greenery (4:1)

    This racer comes from a long line of champion terrapins, including her mother, Sarasota Shelly. A big shell to fill, but Lady has done nothing but succeed since she shuffled onto the scene in 2013. A competitor and true professional, this turtle is THE one to beat.

  • Lost In The Fog (5:1)

    And just like that, we have Lost In The Foog. This turtle is honestly astounding and presents the greatest juxtaposition to the approach of Lady Greenery’s team. If it looks like he is wondering, “what am I doing here and where is my pond,” it’s because he probably is. Maybe he’s looking for the local farmer’s market? Maybe he’s looking for answers to unanswerable questions? And yet, this turtle defies all odds and wins race after race. That’s why his odds are 2nd only to Lady Greenery this year.

  • Moe Lasses (30:1)

    Moe Lasses may be the dark horse in this race, having won both the Arugula Invitational and the Pond Scum Classic in back-to-back years. A southern gent at heart, Moe changed his name from Meauregard at the end of his collegiate career. Turtles close to Moe claim it was a move proposed by his agent to better appeal to mass fans. Regardless, his style hasn’t changed and his style is slow.

  • Sergeant Slowpez (15:1)

    Another veteran, but this time an actual Sergeant. After two military campaigns, Slowpez rediscovered his passion for racing. This turtle still holds the Maryland state record for fastest 10 meters in high school swimming, but he’s no slouch on the track. After a long hibernation, this turtle is back and ready to make heads turn very slowly.

  • Steve (50:1)

    Fan-favorite, Steve, is back for his second Kentucky Turtle Derby (no other turtle in history has run two consecutive Kentucky Turtle Derbies). He is still an accountant.

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