Old Forester Distilling Co.

Whisky Drummer

Join us Fridays and Saturdays as we celebrate our barrel roll in front of Old Forester Distilling Co. Watch as the barrels built and filled in our cooperage are rolled out onto Main Street and into our vintage-style barrel truck. Have your camera ready as the Old Forester Whisky Drummer drums up business on Whiskey Row!

In the formative years of American Whiskey, salesmen traveled the country selling Kentucky’s finest export. These salesmen were known as Whiskey Drummers, traveling from city to city, “drumming up” business.

Join us on Main Street as we pay homage to the early days of Old Forester with our very own “Whisky Drummer,” heralding the rolling of Old Forester whisky barrels onto our truck as they make their way to the warehouse for a good long sleep.