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Denver, welcome to Old Forester.

Old Forester has been the same great bourbon for over 150 years. Good in 1870, 1970 and 70 seconds from now. Simply put, it's a bourbon that never gets old. So, if you are looking for the tried and true, then you've come to the right place.

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Craft an Old Forester Cocktail

  • Mint Julep

    The South's most infamous warm-weather cocktail.

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  • Old Fashioned

    A simple classic that never gets old.

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  • Whisky Sour

    A simple classic Whisky Sour, this tart and sunny cocktail highlights the citrus notes of Old Forester Bourbon.

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You won't find a finer family.

The Old Forester Whiskey Row Series, first launched in 2014, invites bourbon lovers to taste their way through Old Forester history with each unique expression. With each release, the series highlights Old Forester's significant milestones and production innovations on Louisville's Historic Whiskey Row.

Recipes from Our Denver Partners

  • Apartment Bartender

    "a signature Old Forester cocktail - the Stone Fruit Sour featuring the 1920 prohibition expression, which being overproof lends itself really well in classic sour cocktails with stone fruit flavor profiles."


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  • Alex Jump

    "My Donau cocktail uses Old Forester’s 1910 Old Fine Whisky, and is named after the winning Kentucky Derby horse from the same year. This bourbon is complex, and uses a secondary barreling to achieve notes of pastries, caramel, marshmallows, and dehydrated stone fruits. At 93 proof, it’s a perfect match for a sour-style cocktail like the Donau."


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  • Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

    "1870 bourbon ...neat. Balanced with nice floral citrus notes."


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  • Apartment Bartender

    "Here’s my go to holiday old fashioned with Vanilla Demerara syrup, chocolate bitters, and Old Forester 86, which pairs so perfectly with the other ingredients due to its rich, full flavor & vanilla flavor profile"


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