Birthday Bourbon

2006 Birthday Bourbon

This lot of barrels was distilled and barreled one week prior to the 2005
Birthday Bourbon, but was matured for one additional year in the same exact warehouse
location. The vintage was presented at the same proof as our 2005, allowing Birthday Bourbon
fans to compare and contrast the flavors. While they both exhibit classic the Old Forester taste
profile, this expression is naturally spiced with a cool, refreshing hint of spearmint.

Tasting Notes


Brownish orange – like a fine cognac.


Very sweet and powerful with strong vanilla and caramel toffee like notes layering over hints of orange peel and tea leaves. Nice balance of oak opens with a hint of spearmint in the depths.


Sweet and cool with hints of tea, mint and ripe apple fruit.


Clean, fruity and a tea-like note.


2007 Spirit Journal

Five Star Rating “Highest Recommendation”

2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Gold Medal